Saturday, March 28, 2009

Proof #18

Written by Alex Grecian
Art by Riley Rossmo

This is a very different issue of Proof, as it flashes back to the Gulliver days, when Proof was living with a traveling freak show which traveled to 1859 London, at the same time that the city was being terrorized by Springheel Jack, a grasshopper legged creature that spit fire and cut up local ladies.

It's interesting to see which members of the current cast of the book were around with Proof back in the day - I don't remember there being much discussion about this up to this point in the book, and I wonder what some of the implications of this knowledge will be. Most interesting is the character of Julia the Baboon Lady. I'm not sure if she's of the same species of Proof, or is just very very hairy - that hasn't been explained yet.

This book continues to pique my interests, although with so many different sub-plots running, I hope the creators don't stay too long in the past.

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