Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crate Digging: Legacy

by Akir

Upon getting The Reaver's Terror Firma cd, I started hunting down solo work from different members of that super-group. The first that I was able to find (not counting Vordul Mega, who was the reason why I listened to the Reavers in the first place), was Akir. This disc came out in late 2006 or early 2007, and showcases Akir's emergence as an artist.

There is a heavily noticeable Immortal Technique influence - he had brought Akir on tour with him, and appears on two tracks here. As well, Southpaw provides the lion's share of beats. Much of the record is bland and kind of vapid, but there are tracks where Akir's voice emerges as a political rapper. Tracks like 'Politricks', 'Kunta Kinte' and 'Treason' work well within the context of his later work with the Reavers. As well, there are two tracks with production by Dada the Golden Child, including 'This is Your Life (pt. 2)', which I think is the best song on the album.

Other guest on the album include Hasan Salaam, Abiodun Oyewole, and Jean Grae, who strangely sings the hook on a nice little song called 'Tropical Fantasy'.

In all, it's an alright album, although someone needs to be held accountable for the hideous album cover. It would be nice to see some more work from Akir, either as a solo artist, or with some of the Reavers crew.

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