Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bad Dog #2

Written by Joe Kelly
Art by Diego Greco

Two issues in, and I'm undecided about this book. Certain things I love: Lou is a great and intriguing character who is shown to have more complexity than anything else in the book; the bail bondswoman is hilarious, if seriously pushing the boundaries of good taste; and I like the growing threat of Mr. Baker, the other big bounty hunter in town.

What I can't stand though, is Wendell, Lou's sidekick. I find much of his shtick to be juvenile and annoying. I think that this character is the least plausible in the book (and that's saying a lot), and ultimately, not very funny.

Because I find this character so off-putting, I'm not sure if I'll continue with this series, and I'd like to. I'm curious to find out what the deal is with the head in the fridge, and to learn more about Lou's unhappiness and what the thing with the milk cartons is. Also, I like watching Nazis getting abused. This is a genuinely funny comic, but for that one single mis-step, which I'm not sure I can get past.

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