Monday, March 16, 2009

Crate Digging: The dynoSpectrum

I came to this album only recently, having never heard of its existence. Basically, Slug and Ant from Atmosphere did a side project, featuring the likes of I Self Devine, Beyond, and Swift the 90° (whoever that is). Ant did all of the production, and the artists took on fake names for themselves like Pat Juba and General Woundwart.

Ten years later, it's easy to look beyond the silliness and see the emerging strength of Ant as a producer. The sound here is late-90s creepy-lite (a little Jedi Mind Tricks), and it's a very consistent album from start to finish. Slug really stands out on the mic, sounding like the most polished and practiced of the bunch. The songs themselves tend to blur into one another, and aren't all that memorable individually.

This album reminds me a great deal of the first Grayskul record, and I have to say it holds up pretty well.

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