Thursday, March 19, 2009

Age of Bronze #28

by Eric Shanower

It certainly is a treat when an issue of Age of Bronze is published. This book doesn't seem to have a release schedule, but instead appears randomly a few times a year. And whenever it does come out is a time for a small celebration.

Shanower's exhaustive and definitive telling of the Trojan War continues to astound in its attention to detail, both artistically and in terms of story and historical accuracy.

As the war actually heats up, we are treated to a battle outside the walls of Troy. What I found most interesting in this issue is how the women and elders of Troy line themselves up along the ramparts to watch the battle, cheering for their husbands or sons, and grieving openly as they are cut down.

This is a book that often requires two readings to fully absorb, but with each reading, the story can be enjoyed on more levels. The next issue is promised for summer of '09, which is something to look forward to.

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