Sunday, January 25, 2009

Young Liars #11

by David Lapham

I'm no longer sure that I completely understand what is going on in this comic, but that is only adding to my enjoyment of it. Prior to this issue, I was rather comfortable in the belief that Sadie was the craziest of the 'Liars', and it was her delusions that were more or less driving the plot. As of this issue, I'm starting to think that Danny's the one that has lost his grip, but I'm not quite sure. The book is about liars, after all, and so I'm not sure how reasonable it is to trust any of the narration.

All I do know is that I really like this series. Lapham has always excelled at off the wall action scenes that are driven by strong characterization, and that's basically all that this book is. I do feel like he's building towards some large-scale denouement, and I wonder if the series is set to continue after that.

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