Saturday, January 31, 2009

Proof #16

Written by Alex Grecian
Art by Riley Rossmo and Paul Fricke

This is the type of issue I like best in Proof - it's part of the larger tapestry of the book, and progresses the overall plot, but doesn't necessarily belong to any particular arc. It's kind of like those old issues of the X-Men, where after a long and complicated story or cross-over, the characters hang out for a bit, and things slow down for some character development (except, no one plays baseball in Proof).

Many of the sub-plots progress in this issue, but nothing feels rushed or out of place. The strength of this series is in the characters - normal and cryptid alike - that make the Lodge such an interesting place to read about. While I'm interested in the Mi-Chen-Po storyline, I'm just as interested in Proof's upcoming date with 'Bella. It might be a little confusing for a new reader to start here, but I jumped on this title with the first 'Lodge-only' issue (#5 or 6 I think), and was overwhelmed with curiosity as to who all of these characters are.

As well as the main story (nice last page!), there is a back-up featuring Elvis and the Ink Monkey. It's cute, but a little more cartoony than I usually like - it's an enjoyable story nonetheless.

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