Friday, January 9, 2009

No Hero #3

Written by Warren Ellis
Art by Juan Jose Ryp

This is a great series by Ellis. The book is all about the only super team on the planet - an independent group that has apparently been following its own foreign policy in addition to fighting crime.

In this issue, we see the new kid go through the effects of having taken FX7, the hallucinogen that gives you super powers, although in this case, it just seems to be nasty. We also get a sense of what is going on in the larger story, as the Front Line starts to figure out just who it is that is attacking them and why.

Ellis has given a lot of thought to backstory with this title, and is building suspense by filling the reader in as the story progresses. Ryp's art is fantastic. He has a style that reminds me of Geof Darrow, and does a great job of depicting the Lovecraftian hallucinations that FX7 apparently causes.

Like with his earlier series, Black Summer, Ellis generates enough material for a few years worth of comics, but is looking to tell his entire story in 7 or 8 issues (do we count #0's?).

That's it for Warren Ellis Week. It would have been nice if it had also included an appeance by 'newuniversal: shockfront #3' (anyone know what's going on with that title?).

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