Thursday, January 1, 2009

Scalped #24

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by RM Guera

I can't stop stressing enough how much I love this book. Aaron has created such a complex web of relationships and obligations with Scalped, and with each issue, I find that I am enjoying the book even more.

This issue resolves 'The Gravel in My Guts', and I'm not sure who got off easier - Dino or Red Crow. Both ended up losing in this issue, as Red Crow's hopes for redemption melt away. What is most interesting is the monologue with which the issue ends - and we see Red Crow as he sees himself.

Also of interest in this issue is Shunka; up until now he's been portrayed as Red Crow's yes-man, but in this issue, he shows some real stones of his own. I hope he gets a little more time in the spotlight, as I'm now curious to know a little more about him.

Looking back over the last few issues, I have to say that Jock is submitting some of the best cover work he's ever done - I think I like these better than the work he did on The Losers.

Finally, the next issue is the start of a new arc. I urge anyone who is reading this that is not already reading Scalped to pick it up and give it a try. Aaron is getting press all over the place as a writer to watch in 2009, but everyone focuses on his Wolverine, without realizing that his Dash Bad Horse kicks Logan's ass every time.

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