Saturday, January 17, 2009

Army @ Love: The Art of War #6

by Rick Veitch (with inks by Gary Erskine)

I really enjoyed Veitch's two Army @ Love series. The first one was a perfect example of Bush-era satire (I love that we can start talking about the Bush era in the past tense), eschewing the war for profit mentality and taking it to its extreme.

This second series has seemed to flounder some, as it looks for a semi-credible way to resolve the various plot lines and character arcs that began in the first series, while still attempting to maintain its satiric vision. I don't really think the second series succeeded in this mission. It was still a good read, and often very funny, but I feel like it went off-message quite a bit, and in some ways, became more of a parody of DC's Crisis fixation, with its multiple realities and Big Finger provided deus ex machina.

It's still a good book, and once again, I admire Veitch for his vision and his bravery. I know that he has taken a lot of flack for this series in the on-line community (I don't remember reading very many positive reviews), but I also think that in a couple of years, when some skeletons are unearthed from the Bush's closets, historians begin to re-examine the War on Terror, and it becomes more socially acceptable to criticize soldiers again, this series will be rediscovered and praised by some of the people that gave it a pass the first time around.

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