Monday, January 12, 2009

Cosmic Headphones

by Eagle Nebula

When I bought this, I didn't know that Eagle Nebula was a person. All of the sites that I buy my music from made it sound like Eagle Nebula was a Georgia Anne Muldrow pseudonym, or was a group consisting of Muldrow and Dudley Perkins. I just need to see the names Muldrow and Perkins together in the same cd description to know that I want to make a purchase.

So, I get the cd, I put it on, and immediately think - that's not Georgia Anne. Further web research has not shed a lot of light on things, but, as it turns out, Eagle Nebula is a talented MC and poet. Georgia Anne Muldrow provides the beats on every track but one, and that one was produced by Dudley (Declaime) Perkins. The album fits with the G&D sound - it's spacey, funky, poetic, and really rather weird.

Really, that sums it up. Eagle Nebula is a decent MC, and, on 'Street Shrine', a lovely poet. That track, with backing vocals by Muldrow and Perkins, is a very nice example of spoken word poetry that isn't annoying when it tries to be street. 'Jitterbug Fonk' is a very funky song. 'Clear Blue Sky' is a plea for a cleaner world.

Eagle Nebula has a vision for the world, but also likes to sing about bumping Mobb Deep in 7th grade. A couple of songs might be a little irritating ('Ether Cash'), but this is a great album from a talented new artist. It's too bad they haven't done a better job of promoting this, and her.

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