Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Unwritten #18

Written by Mike Carey
Art by Peter Gross

The last few issues of this series have had a lot of stuff happening, so it makes sense that Carey slows things down a little, and gives Tom a chance to examine his sub-conscious (guided by a huge load of illegal drugs of course).  That his revelation is that he should trust in his friends is a little weak, but then Tom's a bit of a jerk, so it makes sense that he actually has to be told these things, even if it's from his fictitious alter-ego.

Of far more interest to me were the scenes involving the Cabal that has been set up as the villains of the series.  Mr. Callendar, who up to now I took to be the absolute leader of the group, is looking to cast blame for the recent fiasco involving the new Tommy Taylor book.  He decides that the fault lies with Pullman, the Cabal's assassin and enforcer.

This leads to an interesting scene involving a statue that dispenses justice, and a power shuffle in the Cabal.  This group is of a lot of interest to me - I like how on the first page Carey shows us some of their other on-going literary projects - and I'm pleased to learn a little more about them, even if that may actually raise more questions than it answers.

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