Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sweet Tooth #14

by Jeff Lemire

This is the second issue in a row where a lot goes down in Sweet Tooth.  Jeppard has convinced the weird mask-wearing city cult to help him take down the militia.  To do this, he's promised them all of the hybrid children that are kept captive there, while he really intends to use them as cover so he can sneak in and rescue Gus.

Gus, meanwhile, is saved by Johnny, who sends him and three other hybrids out the back door.  Gus is starting to show some real direction, as he rescues one of the other kids from an alligator hybrid, and then takes charge of their destiny.

It's going to be interesting to see if the two groups meet up, assuming that Jeppard and his companions ever make it to the militia base - something's going on there too, although that is left for the next issue to be revealed.

Lemire's doing a terrific job with this title.  While it can sometimes feel overly decompressed, this newest arc has a lot of plot movement while still finding time for some quieter moments.  I love what Lemire's been doing with the covers on this title.

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