Monday, October 11, 2010

Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love #1-6

Written by Chris Roberson
Art by Shawn McManus

I foolishly passed on this mini-series when it came out recently because I was trying to cut back on my comics purchasing, and was unfamiliar with Chris Roberson's writing.  Now that he's writing I, Zombie, which is becoming one of my favourite Vertigo titles, I figured it was time to check this out.

In this series, which has been collected recently, Cinderella sets off on one of her usual spy missions.  For this one, she's to track down the source of new magic showing up in the Mundy.  While it's a solo mission, she soon finds herself working alongside Aladdin, who has the same mission for his masters in the One, True Baghdad.

Cinderella and Aladdin have good chemistry, as they Mr. and Mrs. Smith their way through Dubai, the North Atlantic, and one of the Homeworlds, chasing down a trio of familiar Arabian Fables, and another Fable who had a huge impact on Cindy's life.  While all this goes on, there is also a subplot involving Cinderella's shoe store back in Fabletown.

This title restores some of the madcap fun that I got used to in the main Fables title, and the earlier Jack of Fables issues, which has been sadly absent of late.  Roberson's writing is witty and sharp, and Shawn McManus is always a fantastic choice for this type of book.  I'm glad to see that there is a new Cinderella series on the way, and this time I'll be sure to pick it up as it comes out.

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