Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Stuff of Legend Vol.2: The Jungle #2

Written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith
Art by Charles Paul Wilson III

While this is a very good comic, it's clearly been written for the trade, as the issue just stops rather than build to a cliffhanger or appropriate chapter break.

Beyond that, we get another interesting chapter in this on-going story about a group of toys who have entered "The Dark" to rescue their owner from the Boogeyman.

When this chapter opens, the toys are trapped between the Boogeyman's forces, a huge cliff, and the Golems, which are Play-Do like creatures the boy used to use to squish his toys with.  Our heroes get separated, and the duplicitous Piggy Bank, Percy, has another run-in with the Boogeyman.  Later, Percy leads the group into the jungle, where they run into another group of cast-off toys.

What I like best about this issue is the flashback, which establishes the character of the knight who leads the Boogeyman's forces.  The boy himself makes another appearance at the end of the issue, although his story, and the identity of the other boy with him, interests me less than that of the toys.

As always, this comic is lovely, although I'm a growing a little tired of its sepia tones.  I feel like the flashbacks should have a different visual effect going for them - it would help to separate their place in the story, and the reality of The Dark.

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