Friday, April 2, 2010

Unknown Soldier #18

Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Alberto Ponticelli

I really love this book. Dyart's story has hit the year and a half mark, and is just getting better all the time. Since he first began hearing the voice in his head, Moses has been mostly reacting to what happens around him, and has not exactly been questioning his situation. With the revelation of last issue, he is now forced to look within and try to figure out what is happening to him.

Is this voice an external thing? Does he have a dissociative disorder? It is clear now that this voice represents something much more than training, insight or conscience, but is instead its own entity. And Moses is starting to crack up under the stress of his situation. There is an great scene where he meets the new doctor of the refugee camp he's been staying in, and the doctor points out that he is walking barefoot across broken glass. There is another scene where Moses realizes that he is no longer talking out loud. Clearly, he's not well.

This issue wraps up the 'Dry Season' arc, as the various plans involving trading medicine for illegal weapons come to their conclusions. More importantly, Moses says goodbye to Paul, the former child soldier he had been helping, and who was in turn helping him to hold on to his humanity. It is a touching scene.

Ponticelli's art continues to look great, and that cover is awesome.

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