Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sparta U.S.A. #2

Written by David Lapham
Art by Johnny Timmons

This is a really cool book. Lapham is taking his time explaining everything, as quarterback hero Godfrey McLaine tries to take on the Maestro in front of the whole town, and suffers a major beating for his troubles. He slinks back to his old house (now a museum), and is joined by an old girlfriend. Together, they start putting together a small army, and plot to overthrow the Maestro.

Lapham is being very stingy in giving out information. We don't know why Godfrey is red, or why the Maestro is blue. We don't yet know what is beyond the mountains outside of town, what all the stuff in Godfrey's bag can do, or why the town of Sparta exists and is so football-obsessed. I look forward to finding out the answers to these questions, as Lapham has really caught my interest here.

When I wrote about the first issue, I mentioned that I wished Lapham was providing the art for this title as well. No longer though. I really like Johnny Timmon's art, and thinks it works much better for the atmosphere in this type of story than Lapham's probably would.

If you're looking for an interesting, unconventional read, go pick this up.

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