Friday, April 2, 2010

The Sword #23

by The Luna Brothers

There's not much that can be said about the penultimate issue of The Sword without spoiling the end of the series. Dara faces off against Malia on the mountain where she was born, and there is a surprise twist ending that I did not see coming at all (although I feel like I need to go back and read the earliest issues to see if there were hints that I over-looked).

One of the things that I have always liked best about this title is the way that, when faced with adversity or a challenge, Dara flashes back to moments with her family where she either learned from them or gained their strength. I hadn't noticed that her flashbacks had always featured her mother or sister, but never her father until now. While fighting her toughest opponent, she turns to her memory of him, and it helps add an emotional level to what is going on.

I'm really looking forward to next issue's conclusion.

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