Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kings Ballad

by Georgia Anne Muldrow

Justice, truth, freedom, love, children, Michael Jackson. Georgia Anne Muldrow is not straying far from her usual list of topics and concerns, but is also giving us a much more cohesive album than she has before.

Kings Ballad is a nice blend of soul, jazz, hip-hop and r'n'b, as only Ms. One can deliver. Many of the tracks are instrumental, and showcase Muldrow's excellent production. Other tracks are sung, while some are rapped. Muldrow mostly works alone on this album, but she is joined in a few places by her partner, Dudley Perkins.

What I like about Muldrow is the consistency of her optimism. She makes music to help people and to deliver a positive message, and that is rare these days, especially when it comes from someone as talented as her. The comparisons to Nina Simone or Roberta Flack are justified, but Muldrow is much more of a polymath than her predecessors.

This is a lovely album, with very few tracks that won't be ending up on my ipod.

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