Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gødland #31

Written by Joe Casey
Art by Tom Scioli

You can't read Gødland without smiling throughout these days. Casey's just going nuts with this story, as he gets closer to the end of the series. I get the feeling that he is not so much attempting a clean resolution to the various plot lines that have developed over the years, as he is just loading them all into a gigantic Conceptual Hadron Collider, and waiting to see if they will form new little baby universes, or a black hole that will wipe all of his characters out.

This issue has: a new look for Basil; a stirring speech by Nickelhead; sibling rivalry at the edge of the universe (again); more "winged horseheads"; a lengthy diatribe by R@d-Ur Rezz; another posthumous visitation from a gigantic cosmic dog-thing; and the revelation that the butterfly smokes a cigar.

Also, how wonderful is that cover?

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Daily P.O.P. said...

I'm in constant awe at the high quality of this series.