Friday, September 3, 2010

Sweet Tooth #13

by Jeff Lemire

With this issue, Sweet Tooth enters its second year of publication, and it continues to be an interesting and compelling comic month after month.  This is the first part of the new arc, 'Animal Armies', and a lot happens.

The cover does a lot to show that this issue is almost evenly divided by the main characters in the comic.  Gus is still trapped by the militia, but Johnny, the guy that helped Jeppard escape a while back, is beginning to show him and the other hybrids some kindness, at least until he is discovered.  Abbot, the leader of the militia, and Dr. Singh, have arrived at Gus's cabin, and are looking for clues to what has caused the plague.  Jeppard, meanwhile, has gone to a city to meet with those animal-masked guys that we've been seeing since the book started, to lead them to the militia's headquarters.

It feels like a lot is going to be taking place in this arc, as each character (aside from Gus) is in the process of getting things done.  As much as I love this comic, sometimes it's pretty decompressed (which works better for Lemire than for most), so it's exciting to see so much plot advancement in one issue.

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