Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lloyd Miller /The Heliocentrics (OST)

by Lloyd Miller and the Heliocentrics

I picked this up a while ago, and have spent a lot of time with it, just taking it in.  The Heliocentrics, with their last album, introduced me to Mulatu Astatke, and for that I am eternally grateful to them.

With this new project, the group has paired up with Lloyd Miller, another artist I was completely unfamiliar with before listening to the album.  The Stones Throw website refers to Mr. Miller as a "ethnomusicologist, jazz maestro and multi-instrumentalist", and I suppose that's a valid description.

I notice, when listening to this, a number of Eastern influences in the music, which is absolutely lovely.  This is a pretty quiet album, which floats its way around the room.  I find that I zone out a lot while listening to this, although the track "Lloyd's Diatribe" always brings me back, as Miller rants a little about things that he doesn't like about the modern world.

I highly recommend this album if you like ethno-jazz.

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