Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Anchor Vol. 1: Five Furies

Written by Phil Hester
Art by Brian Churilla

I picked this up on the strength of Phil Hester's writing on titles like Firebreather (which really needs to come back as a series, not the over-priced one-shot coming out in November), and the fact that it got positive reviews on Comics Should Be Good, but I ended up being a little disappointed.

The Anchor is about an old, strong monk, who is fighting a massive army of demons in Hell, while also fighting five big monsters in our world.  It's his spirit doing the fighting in Hell, but any injuries he sustains there are visited upon his corporeal body as well, although they heal so quickly, you'd have to wonder why that would matter.

Clem (as he is called) first shows up in Iceland fighting a massive ice creature, and he gets help from Hofi, and local girl who likes history.  They start traveling the world fighting these monsters, and for a while are joined by the ghost of a recently-killed boy, and some part of the American army.

The writing didn't do much to draw me in (although there are a couple of good scenes - usually between Clem and the ghostboy), and while the art is nice, it wasn't particularly memorable to me.  This isn't a bad comic, it's just kind of bland.

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