Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fear Agent #29

Written by Rick Remender
Art by Mike Hawthorne, Tony Moore, and John Lucas

I think it's odd that as I started reading this issue, I had a nagging sense that I just wished Remender would hurry up and finish the title.  I was thinking that poor Heath had been through enough, and that the constant beating down of the guy was getting a little predictable and monotonous.

And then, sometime after Heath has yet another close escape, and is flying off with/in Annie (his ship), and she gets threatened yet again, I suddenly found myself being concerned for her, and then by the end of the book, I was seriously hoping that the next issue is going to come out soon, as I can't wait to see what happens next.

And therein lies the appeal of Fear Agent.  Remender keeps playing with old-school science fiction tropes, and frequently reuses some of the same ideas and set-ups to show how Heath is not really capable of learning or progressing as a character, and he does it so effectively, that despite lengthy delays between issues, the reader cares about this guy, and craves some resolution.

The Hawthorne/Moore/Lucas art team is doing some great work.  This time around, I wasn't too impressed with the back-up story unfortunately.

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