Monday, September 20, 2010

Crogan's Vengeance

by Chris Schweizer

Despite having read a number of positive reviews for this book (and the subsequent entry in the series), I resisted reading this for a while because at first glance, Schweizer is the type of cartoonist whose art I don't usually find myself attracted to.

Having read this now, I can safely say this has become yet another example of how I don't always have very good instincts when it comes to picking my comics, because this book is very cool.  The story is all about 'Catfoot' Crogan, a sailor who becomes a pirate when the vessel he's sailing on, under the command of an unfair and cruel captain, is taken over by pirates. 

Catfoot has three talents.  He's fleet-footed, strategically gifted, and morally correct.  Some of these talents land him in hot water with his fellow pirates, such as Mr. D'Or, a massive and cruel man with great ambition.

This story is a lot of fun to read, as Schweizer keeps the pace moving quickly, and his art, which seems overly thick and crowded by his gigantic letters, grew on me.  This is the first in a series which is going to check in with Catfoot's various descendants, who, according to the family tree included in this book, have had a variety of interesting professions, almost all of which have involved weaponry.  Recommended.

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