Friday, September 3, 2010

Hellboy: The Storm #3

Written by Mike Mignola
Art by Duncan Fegredo

This issue wraps up The Storm, which is not really a complete story on its own, but is instead all build up to The Fury, which looks to finish off most, if not all, of the long-running plotlines in this comic.

In this issue, Hellboy turns his back on the army that has congregated around him since he found Excalibur, and takes a walk through the woods, where he comes across most of the characters that have been behind his problems over the last few years, or who have been trying to manipulate him from the beginning.  It's strange how often HB runs into these figures while walking in the woods...

Anyway, it's exciting to be coming to this point in the story.  There are a lot of things that were started years ago and are only now coming to fruition, which is also satisfying.  As well, Hellboy says that when this stuff is over, he plans on returning to the BPRD, which would be very cool, and interesting to see how the characters react to each other after so much time.

As always, Fegredo's art is awesome in this book.

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