Sunday, September 19, 2010


by The Budos Band

As I find myself listening to more and more funk bands, there is one thing that becomes abundantly clear:  they kind of all sound the same.

I'm sure that such a statement would send the hardcore fans into a tizzy, but to my unschooled and mostly ignorant ear, it's a very true statement.  This stuff all sounds the same to me, but I like it anyway. 

The Budos Band are made up of some twelve musicians, and with this, their third album, they demonstrate skill, swing, and funk.  This album has eleven tracks, but is just under thirty-nine minutes long.  With each track, the listener dives in quickly, and is swept up for a short while in their groove.  The album is solely instrumental, so there is not much to write about, other than to say this is a fun, cool piece of work.

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