Friday, September 24, 2010

Elephantmen #27

Written by Richard Starkings
Art by Axel Medellin

It's been a couple of months since we last saw Elephantmen, and I found I wasn't terribly interested in reading this comic.  I started it twice before I finally read it through, which is not something that happens to me often.  I'm surprised by this reaction too, as I like this comic.

I think the problem is that this current arc, "Questionable Things" is very plot-driven, and Starkings has come at the story from a strange angle (which he does a lot, but that's usually what I like about the book).  There's a Mappo sleeper cell planning on doing some Elephantmen-based terrorism, but I'm not sure that their motives or methods are all that clear.

Hip, Ebony, and that strange Blackthorne chick are going after the Mappo base, so they release a bunch of reactivated crocodile Elephantmen into a cattle factory.  Maybe it's a strategically important cattle factory, I'm not sure.

Meanwhile, Sahara continues her walkabout and hangs out with the giraffe tailor guy.  Not much more happens.

I like Axel Medellin's art on this book.  It would seem he's going to be the regular artist for the next little while, so it's good that I do enjoy his work.  I hope he can help put the book back on schedule.  Also, the new "Charley Loves Robots" back-up starts here, by Szymanowicz, Roshell, and Bautista, and it's pretty cute.

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