Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Secret History Book 10: The Black Stone

Written by Jean-Pierre Pécau
Art by Igor Kordey

I love that Archaia has sorted out all of their production problems and that this book has become reliably monthly.

With each issue, I've been enjoying this comic more, as the time gap between issues has been shrinking, meaning that the same characters appear in multiple volumes.

This time around, Pécau has set his story in 1926, a year of revolution in many corners of the world.  The first half of the book deals with Saud's conquest of Arabia, with the help of Philby, the player from a few issues ago.  The second half returns us to Itzak, the former apprentice to a rabbi, who is now caught up in the conflict between various groups in early-Soviet Ukraine.  Everywhere around him are Reds, Whites, kulaks, and partisans.  He is following the path of the crooked cross (ie., the swastika), and is pursued by Baron von Sebottendorf, his long-time rival.

Interestingly, this issue didn't feature any of the Archos, the four central characters, instead choosing to focus on their 'players' and operatives, who are seeking new avenues of power.  I love this kind of meticulously researched historical comic, and look forward to seeing Pécau deal with the Second World War, an event he has been anticipating in the comic for some time.

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