Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Girls Vol. 1 - Conception

by The Luna Brothers

Having enjoyed their recently-concluded series The Sword, I figured it would be worth checking out the Luna Brothers' previous title, Girls.  It was definitely a safe bet, as this is a very enjoyable comic.

The general premise here is pretty cool.  The story is set in Pennystown, a small hamlet of 65 somewhere in a forested region of America.  The community is pretty tightly-knit, except for a few misfits, such as Ethan and his friend.  I guess it would be hard to find a suitable mate in a town that small, and Ethan has already lost the only available girl.  When a stranger comes into town, he makes a fool out of himself in a very funny scene at the store where he works.  Later, he makes a much bigger fool of himself at the bar in front of the whole town.  As he is tossed out of the bar, a large booming sound rings out, breaking windows everywhere.

Driving home, more than a little inebriated, Ethan comes across a naked woman on the highway.  He takes her home with him, and even though it's obvious that there is something very wrong with her, he proceeds to have sex with her.  The next day, when he goes to get her help, his house is suddenly overrun with identical naked women, who appear to violently attack any other woman they see.  Things get a little weird after that.

This volume is mostly interested in setting up the plot.  The mystery of the girls is established, as are the parameters of this tale.  Most interesting though is the way in which the Lunas craft the various relationships in the town.  Even if there weren't strange science fiction-y things going on all around them, I would want to read about these characters.  Toss in some gorgeous naked women and the book becomes a can't-miss.

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