Saturday, June 26, 2010

American Vampire #4

Written by Scott Snyder and Stephen King
Art by Rafael Albuquerque

I've been liking this comic a lot, as Snyder establishes the tone and direction of the series, and King fills in the back-story and helps set up the rules and regulations by which this story functions.

In this issue, Pearl faces off against the Euro-Vamps, and recruits a compatriot in her cause against them.  In the back-up, Jim Book and his friends confront Sweet, and things go very badly for him.

As I've mentioned for every issue so far, Albuquerque is turning in some terrific artwork.  In addition to that though, I really appreciate the sense of time and place that the writers and the artist imbue this book with.  I feel like a lot of research was done on the two time periods these stories depict, and I always like that level of authenticity in my wildly impossible stories.

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