Saturday, June 19, 2010

Four Eyes #4

Written by Joe Kelly
Art by Max Fiumara

I didn't really expect to see another issue of this comic - I had forgotten it was resolicited and didn't order it; it has been more than a year since the last issue came out, and Kelly and Fiumara are both pretty involved in Amazing Spider-Man right now.

Four Eyes is the story of Enrico, a young boy whose dragon-catching father was killed in Depression-era New York, when he went hunting alone for the mobster who raises and fights dragons in an over-sized version of cockfighting.  Enrico has started working for the mobster too, and last issue was involved in his first hunt, which ended badly for him.

This issue is mostly concerned with various people looking to bring Enrico home, and his standing up for his values and new friend.  These first four issues were mostly set-up for a longer series which I now doubt is ever going to be completed, which is too bad, because there is a lot of potential in this series.

I like Fiumara's art a lot on this book.  It's very much like the style he's using in his Spider-Man issues now, and it's a cool mix of manga and cartoon influences.

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