Saturday, June 26, 2010


by Hedzoleh Soundz

This is a re-release of Hezoleh Soundz debut album from 1972.  This Ghanaian example of early afro-funk is a lovely album with a large sound.  The band was revolutionary at the time, according to the lengthy explanation of the band's history included in the cd packaging. 

Apparently, Hezoleh Soundz became well known after partnering with South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela in 1973, and they released the album 'Introducing Hedzoleh Soundz' together.  As I've never heard that piece of music, I can not comment on its quality.

This album, however, is a great exploration of their sound.  There are large up-beat numbers and quiet pieces.  I have no idea what any of the songs are about (they are in Ghanaian?), this is an album that I have been giving a lot of play to lately.

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