Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chew #11

Written by John Layman
Art by Rob Guillory

This new arc of Chew involves a group of ultra-rich gourmets with a taste for impossibly rare food (ie., perfectly preserved dodo eggs), whose latest dinner provides an opportunity for Tony to finally go out on a date with Amelia Mintz.

This title has fallen very comfortably into a sitcom-like pattern of creating a situation for Tony to use his abilities, which leads to him uncovering a crime, which increasingly requires the input of one of the supporting cast.  It's a good set-up, and as Layman slowly advances elements of his main plot, involving vampire cibopaths and the missing Mason Savoy, things are only becoming more interesting.

This title, almost a year into its life, has proven that it's not just a one-hit wonder, and that it has more than enough material for a lengthy run.

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