Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Forgetless #5

Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Scott Forbes, Marley Zarcone, and Jorge Coelho

I've really liked this little series about an exclusive club night in New York and the people that it attracts, including two models/hit girls, a television and movie star with a sex addiction who likes to go around in a big fuzzy panda suit, a guy who makes Youtube videos of himself having sex with public buildings, and a trio of New Jersey teenagers with dreams of the big city.

The first four issues were split between two short stories, which slowly filled in the plot-lines for these different characters.  This issue has everyone meeting up, except for the Jersey kids, who basically got their own back-up throughout the series.  The lead feature is split between two artists, who have pretty different styles, although that juxtaposition is used to good effect.

Forgetless is a fun and amusing story, which is really tapped in to the zeitgeist.  The characters are prime examples of technology-addicted youth, and the pacing is quick and witty.  This would read great in trade, and is highly recommended.

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