Friday, June 25, 2010

King City #9

by Brandon Graham

King City is just such an easy comic to love.  Graham's inventiveness and strange sense of humour fill each page with whimsy, and his characters are very likable, even if plot is not much of a focus in his work.

In this issue, our Cat Master starts snooping into the Owls' business, meets his friend in the park, and then runs into his ex-girlfriend.  Meanwhile, Max decides to do something about his chalk addiction.

That's about all there is, except for the fact that each page is filled with visual gags, and that there is a King City board game included in the comic (you can see that the cover has the game pieces).

Graham seems to have given up on the idea of the story's pace being dictated by issue size; this issue seems to end at a random place.  It doesn't really matter much to me though, as I just love poring over each over-sized page to take in his brilliance.

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