Sunday, June 13, 2010


by Flying Lotus

The new Flying Lotus album starts with ten seconds of the growing sound from Super Mario Brothers, and you think you're in for one annoying piece of work.  Twenty seconds later, you're listening to some of the most textured and beautiful post-hip hop electronica you've ever heard, and you can relax and let this disc wash over you.

This is a very accomplished collection of music that moves between a number of different moods and atmospheres, although there is an underlying feeling of optimism throughout the experience.  While there are dark tracks, this is by no means a dark album.

Flying Lotus makes use of a number of interesting sonic combinations, including on 'Table Tennis', the sound of ping-pong balls getting whacked around.  Some tracks feature some truly psychotic drum'n'bass breaks, while others have lovely harps and strings, some of which are provided by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, of 'Suite for Ma Dukes' fame.

Much like Los Angeles, his previous album, this complex work is hard to describe, and is better simply experienced.  While the influences range through hip-hop, jazz, electronica, and more, I got a definite Portishead (circa Third) vibe off the end of the album.  This is something that's going to stay in heavy rotation for a while I feel.

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