Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fables #96

Written by Bill Willingham
Art by Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, and Andrew Pepoy

While this exploration of Snow White and Rose Red's pasts is interesting and somewhat informative, I would prefer to see more of what's going on with the characters in the present day.

In this issue, Snow and Rose's dead mother continues to tell Rose Red all of the things that she didn't previously know about her relationship with her sister.  We get to find out about how Snow was sent away to protect her life from the father of her suitor, and we are given a retelling of the Snow White fairy tale, complete with its seven degenerate dwarves.

I understand that it's necessary for Rose Red to finally get rid of the chip on her shoulder through understanding the past, I just feel that it's taking too long.  I guess Willingham is padding out the story a little so that issue 100 can be a momentous one.

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