Thursday, February 25, 2010

Viking #5

Written by Ivan Brandon
Art by Nic Klein

To start off, this comic is beautiful. The 'golden age' size is used to great effect (unlike in Cowboy Ninja Viking, where the extra page space is just used to cram more confusion into each page), and the colours are gorgeous.

The issues with this comic all lie in the story. Basically, I find this comic very hard to understand. Maybe it will read better in trade, but I find it very hard to follow, as the plot and themes of the book seem to shift all over the place. Characters and their arcs are left stranded (the big guy wanted money before, but now he's just going to stay in the woods hugging dying deer?), while other story elements just disappear - like the cat from the last issue.

I feel like there could have been a lot to say in this comic - Brian Wood has proven that Viking comics can be awesome - but a lot more editing and story workshopping was needed. I don't know if there will (or even could) be a 'season two', but I hope it is better planned and executed.

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