Saturday, February 27, 2010

Northlanders #25

Written by Brian Wood
Art by Leandro Fernandez

As the long months of quarantine in the settlement continue, Gunborg's ambition finally gets the better of him, leading to a very violent issue of Northlanders. Gunborg and his men decide to take control, although any motivation beyond pure greed remains hidden from the reader.

What is odd about this issue is that suddenly Boris, the foreigner who originally recommended isolation as a means of avoiding the plague seems to know Hilda, our narrator, better than was previously revealed. He makes use of Hilda to try to learn Gunborg's intentions, and then makes certain to protect her and her daughter when things hit the fan.

This is a good, exciting issue of this series. With three issues remaining in 'The Plague Widow', it's hard to predict where things are headed, which is what I always like about Wood's writing.

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