Saturday, February 13, 2010

Leak at Will

by Atmosphere

I love when Atmosphere drops these little EPs between albums, and I like it even more when they are free.

Leak at Will is a good sample of Atmosphere's talent and new aesthetic, as it has the lusher sound of their most recent album, and features the new approach to story-telling that Slug has been taking with his lyrics; namely, the songs aren't really about him.

Instead, we get songs about a mother whose son is in jail ('Mother's Day'), about a girl on a crime spree ('Millie Fell Off the Fire Escape') and directionless youth ('Ropes'). My favourite song is 'Feel Good Hit of the Summer Part 2', where Slug rhymes about the different drugs he has and hasn't tried. The way he loops back on his own rhyme while talking about LSD makes me laugh every time I hear it.

The rest of this 7-track gift is strong too.

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