Friday, February 26, 2010

Cowboy Ninja Viking #4

Written by AJ Lieberman
Art by Riley Rossmo

So just when I was ready to write this series off as being overly confusing, cluttered, and kind of uninteresting, Lieberman went and gave us an issue with some actual explication in it.

The book starts off as muddled as ever, with a group of Triplets having a conversation with each other, but things improve quickly when we cut to Ghislain, the 'Jacob' of the book, to put things in Lost terms, sitting down with a group of Senators, and finally explaining what happened in San Christobel, among other things.

Basically, we now know how many Triplets there are (14 or 15), who Blaq is (Ghislain's protege turned evil), and have a template for where this book is headed. I don't know why we were introduced to the fake Triplet Gary, or how exactly this title was originally supposed to be wrapping up with either this issue or the next. It doesn't really feel like Lieberman is working off a plan here, and that makes me nervous about where this title is headed.

As for the art, my opinions remain mixed. I like Rossmo's style, but find it much better suited to a book that's in full colour, and has characters that are more easily recognizable. I'd rather see him continuing to work on Proof, and this title be given over to someone with a simpler, cleaner approach.

I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with this title or not. I think I'll pick up the next issue, and decide from there.

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