Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Sixth Gun #7

Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Brian Hurtt

I was pretty surprised to see this comic listed in the solicitations a couple of months ago.  I'd always assumed that The Sixth Gun was intended to be a six-issue mini, with perhaps a second volume coming out if the sales warranted it.  Instead, it's an on-going, and I'm very happy about that, as must be the creators, as I'm sure it means that sales are good.

So, it's a little while after the last issue finished, and Sinclair has hidden the four guns in his possession.  Becky is hanging on to her's though, and the two have holed up in a hotel in New Orleans, along with Gord, who showed up towards the end of the first arc.

Becky gets herself into a spot of trouble with a loudmouth at the bar, but she is rescued by a gunfighter named Kirby Hale, who will clearly be showing up again.  Sinclair, meanwhile, has a little discussion with a demon in the middle of a swamp.  Bunn's laid a lot of ground establishing this series, and I feel like this arc is going to explore the significance of the guns more than the first arc did.  It's nice to see Oni publishing another monthly series, like they used to do with Wasteland (which is where?).

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