Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Girls Vol.3: Survival

by the Luna Brothers

Girls has to be one of the most grippingly readable comics I've picked up in a while.  It's premise is ridiculous beyond belief - a small town has been encased within a spherical forcefield by a giant sperm, and almost-mindless identical beautiful women are roaming the town looking to mate with men, or to kill women and take them to the sperm - but what the Lunas do with this concept is fantastic.

This whole concept is built around the old adage that crisis doesn't make character, but reveals it.  The people of Pennystown are average, unhappy folk, and the drama and force of this comic is the way in which they react to what's going on around them.  We've already seen characters give in to the advances of the girls, and we've seen a ton of arguing, as the surviving townsfolk hole up in one large house for safety.

This volume, which collects the third quarter of the series, has the town's women turn on the men in what becomes a battle of the sexes, played against the backdrop of the military's attempt to penetrate the shield surrounding the town.  There are many characters who crack under the pressure, as neighbours turn on each other, and chaos reigns.

This book is surprisingly funny in parts, and I found it difficult to stop reading at any particular chapter break, causing me to finish the book much more quickly than I would usually like (makes me wish I had the whole series in one book).  Highly recommended.

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