Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meta 4 #4

by Ted McKeever

Things get a lot less weird with this issue, as the amnesiac astronaut begins to recover some of his memory after a long train trip to Nevada.  We also learn who Gasolina really is (although not her name), and our heroes wander their way onto a government test site.

There are still plenty of mysteries left to ponder though, such as who Bzoma is, and why every bullet in this comic seems to be transmitting police radio.  For that matter, what's going to happen in the weird hostage situation that the police are dealing with?  I don't expect all of these questions to be answered though.

What makes this comic great while still being almost entirely impenetrable is that Ted McKeever is such a gifted artist and storyteller that everything makes some sort of sense as you read it.  It is only after finishing the comic that you realize that a) you have no idea what just happened, and b) you don't really care.

McKeever's writing has come a long ways since he got his start ("With no memory other than the most recent of events, and the slowly creeping fragments of my childhood that seep back into my head like shoving an eggplant into the finger-hole of a bowling ball,..." is a terrific image).  I look forward to seeing how much we really learn in the end.

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