Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cyclops #1

Written by Matz
Art by Luc Jacamon

A new series by the writer and artist of The Killer is the type of thing I'd buy without questioning.  Cyclops is a different type of comic from the Killer, but it has the same high quality writing and art, and thoughtful, dense plotting.

This series is set in the year 2054.  The United Nations has just decided to subcontract peacekeeping missions to a private company, Multicorps Security, Inc.  They are beginning to deploy their troops to the Iran-Turkey border, in the hopes that they will be able to stop a war.  Each of these troops have microcameras attached to their visors, and they broadcast everything they see to their headquarters.  In turn, to help recoup costs, this footage is sold to different news outlets and broadcast in real time.

Our protagonist is Doug Pistoia, a bright former soccer star with few other prospects.  He's newly married, and doesn't really want to be working this job, but sees it as his best option.  He's been hand-picked by the management of the company to become their next star.

Most of this issue is used to set up the rest of the series (it's an 8-issue run), but it is clear that Matz has a few things to say about the way in which he saw warfare developing when this series was first published in France (apparently this stuff is from 1998, but still feels very fresh today).  I'm excited about seeing where this comic goes.

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