Sunday, December 12, 2010

Singularity 7

by Ben Templesmith

It's always a good idea, when one can, to pick up a comic by Ben Templesmith.  For the longest time, I only knew him as the artist of such great series as Fell and the Dead Space comics, although I've recently come to enjoy his work as a writer on 30 Days of Night, Welcome to Hoxford, and Wormwood.

Singularity 7 was a series he did about five years ago.  It's a science fiction horror comic, set in a world where alien nanites have caused massive transformations to the landscape, and have sent any uninfected humans underground to hide.  Usually, when these nanites make contact with a person, they disassemble him or her, although some people seem to be immune, and manage to reprogram the microscopic machines.

This series has a group of such humans attempting to deliver a type of poison into the nanite network, although to do so, they have to travel to the Dead City, and avoid the Gosiodos, the footsoldiers of the Singularity, the entity that appears to be running the network.

This comic is pretty dark and violent.  It reminded me of the future scenes in the Terminator movies, with the remaining humans up against an unbeatable enemy.  This is a pretty decent story, and while the art is as wonderful and bizarre as Templesmith's work usually is, it's not his best writing.


Templesmith said...

Was actually the first thing I ever wrote!

I actually call it a "learning experience" which I'm very glad to have had! :-)

thingslikei said...

As a first effort, it was still pretty impressive. Thanks for writing!