Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whispers #3

by Joshua Luna

I haven't seen very much buzz on-line for this comic, and I don't really understand why, because it's excellent.  Joshua Luna (without brother Jonathan, for a change) has put together a very interesting story about astral projection and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Sam has suddenly developed the ability to travel with his mind, and to read the thoughts of the people he visits spiritually.  He's discovered that an ex-girlfriend has become a junkie, and owes money to a violent dealer.  He's also stumbled upon a murderer who is killing children, who himself hears some sort of demonic voice.

Sam's a smart guy, and in this issue, he sets about trying to handle both issues, in a way that I didn't see coming.  I like that he's beginning to make some use of his abilities, instead of passively observing, as he did for the first two issues. 

I'm not sure exactly where Luna is going with this book, aside from the obvious escalation of things between Sam and this demonic figure, and that's what I like most about it.  I also appreciate the way in which Sam's OCD is being portrayed - it's very realistic, and logical within Sam's point of view.  This title deserves as much recognition as some of Image's other recent terrific titles.

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