Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Secret History of DB Cooper #4

by Brian Churilla

With each new issue, I'm more and more impressed by how cool this comic is.  Brian Churilla has taken the historical mystery of DB Cooper, and reimagined it as a story involving a monster-filled psychic plane, the CIA, missing children, and Soviet intrigue.

In this issue, Cooper discovers that he can now act as a sort of gateway for creatures trying to cross from the Glut (the name of the bizarre world where he conducts his psychic assassinations) into our world.  The CIA believes they've identified the double agent who has infiltrated their ranks, and are also trying to arrest Cooper.  Meanwhile, in the Glut, he finally meets the Soviet agent who has been pursuing him.  The issue ends with a revelation I didn't see coming.

Churilla is a master of the monster comic, coming up with all sorts of strange and disturbing creatures, but it is his character work in the 'real' world of this comic that impresses me the most here.  This is an excellently paced series, and each issue has left me wanting more.


Brian Churilla said...

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying the series. :)

zentrader said...

very sad this is ending at issue 5