Friday, June 1, 2012

BPRD Hell on Earth: The Transformation of JH O'Donnell

Written by Mike Mignola and Scott Allie
Art by Max Fiumara

The character of Dr. O'Donnell has been lurking around the pages of BPRD for a very long time now - he's the wild-haired stooped over old guy who usually shows up making pronouncements of doom.  Very little has been told about him, and so he's been given his own one-shot as part of Mike Mignola's plans to push his Mignola-verse as close to the point of market saturation as is possible for a group of titles with one common writer.

O'Donnell's story is told as a flashback to a time in the late 80s when Professor Bruttenholm sent O'Donnell and Hellboy to investigate the library of a recently deceased necromancer.  Hellboy ended up getting into a fight with some kind of monster (I love how the narrator dismisses this part of the story so casually, since it does happen in every single Hellboy story), while O'Donnell ended up deep beneath the house, part of a ritual that involved just about every famous dead occultist you can think of, changing him forever.

The art for this issue is provided by Max Fiumara, an artist who has caught my eye on his Four Eyes series with Joe Kelly, and also impressed me with some issues of Amazing Spider-Man.  His odd figures look right at home in the BPRD world, and Dave Stewart's colours burnish his art perfectly.

There really has been too many BPRD-related comics coming out lately, but when they're all this good, it's hard to complain...

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